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This custom-designed S2000 solution allows you to use the factory dashboard radio switches to control your after-market head unit.  It operates by sending infra-red codes to the HU and requires an IR emitter (supplied) be installed facing the head unit's IR receiver.  If you prefer a wired controller that doesn't need an IR emitter, check out the Wired DCIs that work on Alpine, Kenwood, Pioneer, and Sony.

Compatibility - The IR DCI works on Alpine, Blaupunkt, Clarion, Eclipse, JVC, Kenwood, Nakamichi, Panasonic, Pioneer, and Sony (except Sony HI-R).  

Features of the IR DCI

bulletSmall adapter unit - easily fits behind or beside head unit.
bulletProvides 9 control functions using the 5 stock dash switches.  See functions chart below.
bulletNo complicated programming required - just set your head unit brand on the dip switches and it's ready to operate.
bulletNo 'delay' in button response - unlike some other devices on the market, the DCI functions operate immediately when the dash button is pressed. 
bulletAuto-repeat function built-in - press and hold VOLUME UP, and the volume will increase rapidly as the command is repeated.  Auto-repeat works on other functions too,  meaning features like 'track fast-forward' will work if you press and hold the NEXT TRACK button combo, just like they do with the factory remote control.
bulletOptional Speed Controlled Volume function - An exclusive Modifry Products feature enabled by connecting one additional wire to the S2000's speedometer circuit.  The DCI will then automatically raise and lower the volume based on vehicle speed.  See SCV details.
bulletIR Mute Disable - special feature for Alpine head units.  See explanation here

Functions provided by the stock buttons

Press this button    to get this function
MUTE mutes or attenuates the audio output
MODE changes from Radio to CD (to Aux/Changer depending on head unit)
CH changes Radio bands (FM1, FM2, AM1 etc)
Volume Up/Dn  adjust volume up or down in steps, hold to change volume rapidly

Functions provided by pressing multiple buttons: (this is easier than you might think)

Hold this button and press this button to get this function
MODE Volume Up seeks next higher radio station
 (next track in CD mode)
MODE Volume Down seeks previous radio station
 (previous track in CD mode)
CH Volume Up changes to next higher radio preset
 (next CD or MP3 folder)
CH Volume Down changes to previous radio preset
 (previous CD or MP3 folder)


CH toggles the SCV feature On and Off
(Speed-Controlled Volume)
(added 10/05/03 version 6.0 and later)

The above chart is for all head units except Kenwood, JVC, and Clarion.  Because these brands use some unusual remote functions, the DCI works a little different.  Here's information on how Kenwood, JVC, and Clarion are different.


Photo of Alpine head unit with IR emitter installed.

In this photo the emitter is pink (it's natural color) to make it easily visible.  As furnished in the kit the IR emitters are actually painted black and are less noticeable than shown here.


Close-up of infra-red emitter.  The emitter transmits IR energy in a 180 pattern facing down.  It's always best to position the emitter close to  the IR receiver on the head unit.

On this Alpine the IR receiver is behind the "MediaXpander" logo.  You can usually find the location of the IR receiver in the head unit manual.