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This custom-designed S2000 solution allows you to use the factory dash switches to control your after-market head unit.  It provides all the functions of the original factory controls (including mute) plus additional functions and features not available with the stock setup. There are several versions of the DCI available at this time:

IR  DCI - An infra-red solution that works on 10 of the most common head units by mimicking the manufacturer's hand-held remote.  It controls the head unit via a tiny IR emitter (supplied) which must be installed facing the head unit's IR receiver (usually on the front panel). The IR DCI has a dip switch to select your HU brand, which means if (for example) you buy an IR DCI to operate your Alpine head unit and later change to Sony (or any of the supported head units) you can use the same DCI just by changing the switch setting.

Wired DCI - This product sends commands to the head unit via a wire instead of an IR emitter and only works on specific models of head units.  Some head units have a 3.5mm jack on the rear panel for this remote control connection, others simply have an extra wire in the harness.  The Wired DCI has the same features and functions as the IR DCI - without the IR emitter.  No IR emitter makes for an easier and cleaner-looking install and most buyers prefer this solution over the IR method.  The only disadvantage of the Wired DCI is that they are head unit-specific solutions and can't be changed to work a a different brand.  The Sony-Pioneer Wired DCI only operates Sony or Pioneer head units; the Alpine-Kenwood Wired DCI only works on Alpine or Kenwood.  If you change to a different brand of head unit you will likely have to buy a new DCI.

Note that while the DCI provides more functionality than the stock dash controls, it does not work exactly like the factory dash buttons.  See the function chart below.

Features of the DCI: (common to all versions)

bulletSmall adapter unit - about 1.5" x 2", it easily fits behind, above, or beside head unit.  We suggest you install to the side of the head unit, behind one of the side panels on the radio console.  This way you can easily reach it if you ever want to change the switch settings that control optional features.
bulletProvides 9 control functions using the 5 stock dash switches.  See functions chart below.
bulletNo complicated programming required - set your head unit brand on the dip switches and it's ready to operate. 
bulletNo 'delay' in button response - unlike some other devices on the market, there is no annoying delay when using the DCI.
bulletAuto-repeat function built-in - press and hold VOLUME UP, and the volume will increase rapidly as the command is repeated.  Auto-repeat works on other functions too,  meaning features like 'track fast-forward' will work if you press and hold the NEXT TRACK button combo, just like it works with the factory remote control.
bulletOptional Speed Controlled Volume (SCV) - This feature is included on all DCI's but only works if you connect an additional wire to the S2000's speedometer circuit (easy to do).  Once wired, the DCI will automatically raise and lower the volume based on vehicle speed.  You get to choose 2 of 15 settings for the amount of volume compensation and can switch between them any time you want.  Most customers use one setting for "top up" driving and a more aggressive setting for "top down".  SCV details here

Functions provided by the stock buttons:

Press this button    to get this function
MUTE  mutes or attenuates the audio output
MODE  changes from Radio to CD (and to OFF in some models)
CH  changes Radio bands (FM1, FM2 etc)
Volume Up/Dn  adjust volume up or down in steps

Functions provided by pressing multiple buttons: (this is easier than you might think)

Hold this button and press this button  to get this function
MODE Volume Up  seeks next higher radio station
 (next track in CD mode)
MODE Volume Down  seeks previous radio station
 (previous track in CD mode)
CH Volume Up  changes to next higher radio preset
 (next higher CD or MP3 folder)
CH Volume Down changes to previous radio preset
 (previous CD or MP3 folder)
MODE CH toggles SCV setting - many owners set 2 levels for the Speed-Controlled Volume feature, using one for "top up" driving and the other for "top down"

The above chart is good for most head units, including Sony, Alpine, Pioneer, Panasonic, Eclipse, Blaupunkt, and Nakamichi.  Because some brands have unusual remote functions, the DCI works a little different for these head units: Kenwood, JVC, Clarion.