This page is for Kenwood head units only. 

Why is the Kenwood DCI different?  Because the head unit operates differently than other head units.  For example, on most radios the button on the factory remote that changes MP3 folders also cycles through the radio presets.  But on Kenwood, they paired the "Next MP3 Folder" with the "AM/FM Band" function.  That's goofy.  But, there is one advantage to that.  It allows the 'next radio preset' function to be on the CH button, which is a little more convenient and more like the factory controls.

Note - if your Kenwood head unit has more than 6 radio presets for each FM or AM band, the DCI will ONLY cycle through the first 6.  In the charts below, functions that are different than the "standard" DCI are shown in red text.

Kenwood functions provided by the stock buttons:

Press this button  to get this function
MUTE  mutes or attenuates the audio output
MODE  changes from Radio to CD
CH  cycles through radio presets (1,2,3,4,5,6 back to 1)
Volume Up/Dn  adjust volume up or down in steps, hold to change volume rapidly

Kenwood functions provided by pressing multiple buttons:

Hold this button and press this button to get this function
MODE Volume Up  seeks next higher radio station
 (next track in CD mode)
MODE Volume Down  seeks next lower radio station
 (previous track in CD mode)
CH Volume Up  changes to next FM band (FM1, FM2, FM3)
 (next higher CD or MP3 folder)
CH Volume Down changes to next AM band (AM1, AM2)
 (previous CD or MP3 folder)


CH toggles SCV feature ON and OFF
(new feature added 9/22/03)