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What are "Freebies"?  Freebies are easy modifications or accessories you can add to your S2000 for little or no money.  If you're handy with tools or familiar with basic automotive wiring you should be able to handle most of these projects.

See my old "Do it yourself" projects on this page.

NEW - Security LED Blinker - causes the OEM security LED in the clusters of 2006 and newer cars to blink when the ignition is turned off

Roll Hoop Speaker Upgrade - I sold these kits for a while but they were just too much work so I stopped making them.  For those that wish to do it on their own I have made all the information available.

AC Compressor Reprogram - AP2 cars force you to run the AC when air is directed to the windshield.  This factory mod gives you control again.

Convertible Top Bypass - Allows you to raise or lower the top while moving.

Passenger Door Unlock Tricks - Using an external switch to unlock the passenger door

Garage Door Opener Mod - just 'flash to pass' to open or close the garage door

Accessory Power Socket Mod - run that accessory without running the engine

Trunk Switch Mod - if you forget to lock the glove box, the trunk is still secure

VTEC  Indicator Mod - know for sure when you're in VTEC, and how often

Cruise Control Mod - (for AP1) one finger (instead of two) performs the 'Cancel' function