This page is for Clarion head units only. 

Why is the Clarion DCI different?  Because the head unit and factory remote control operate differently than other head units.  For example, on most hand-held remotes there are buttons for "Next Folder" and "Previous Folder" for use when playing MP3 CD's.  Not so on Clarion.  None of the remotes I've seen have these buttons - you have to press a button on the head unit to change MP3 folders.

In addition, Clarion pairs the "AM/FM Band" function with "Disc Up", which is totally goofy.  And if you're listening to a CD or MP3 disc, pressing "Disc Up" doesn't do "up" at all - it goes back to the first song on the Disc or Folder.  What were these guys thinking?

In the charts below, functions that are different than the "standard" DCI are shown in red text.

Clarion functions provided by the stock buttons:

Press this button  to get this function
MUTE  mutes or attenuates the audio output
MODE  changes from Radio to CD
CH  cycles through AM and FM bands (if in radio mode)
 goes to next disc (if in CD changer mode)
 goes back to first song on disc/folder (if in CD or MP3 mode)
Volume Up/Dn  adjust volume up or down in steps, hold to change volume rapidly

Clarion functions provided by pressing multiple buttons:

Hold this button and press this button to get this function
MODE Volume Up  selects next higher radio preset
 (next track in CD/MP3 mode)
MODE Volume Down  selects next lower radio preset
 (previous track in CD/MP3 mode)
CH Volume Up  goes into SCAN mode - press again to cancel SCAN:

- if in CD play, scans first few seconds of each song
- if in radio play, jumps to next preset and plays for a few seconds then jumps to next preset station

It's possible to use this function to do a "Next MP3 Folder" command.  If you hold CH and press-and-hold Volume Up for 1 second it will go into "Folder Scan" mode and jump to the next folder.  But as soon as it starts playing the song preview you must cancel the scan by releasing Volume Up (still holding CH) then press Volume Up again for a short press. 

CH Volume Down changes display (title, track, folder, etc)


CH toggles SCV feature ON and OFF
(new feature added 9/22/03)