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Can I use the KT-445 with the DCI and PnP harness?
Will the DCI operate my after-market head unit exactly like the factory dash controls?
What after-market head units are supported by the DCI?
What if I want a DCI for a different head unit?
What iPod commands are supported by the DCI?
How do I know which DCI to buy?
Will the DCI work on vehicles other than the S2000?
What is the "Modifry Adapter Harness" and do I need it?
Do I need to use Modifry's Adapter Harness or can I use another brand?
Do I need a factory remote to use the DCI?
I don't like the IR emitter provided with the DCI. Are there any options?

Can I program the dash buttons for different functions?
What is the warranty on the DCI?


bulletQ - Can I use the KT-445 Alpine Amp with the DCI and PnP harness?
Yes.  As with any installation of the KT-445, you must run new power and ground wires because of the additional current consumed by the amplifier.  Take a look at this drawing to see how it's done.
bulletQ - Will the DCI operate my after-market head unit exactly like the factory dash controls?
A - Hell no, but that's not the DCI's fault.  There is not a single after-market head unit that uses remote control commands like the OEM radio.  The OEM radio will change from CD to AM to FM with a single button (MODE).  All after-market head units require 2 separate buttons to do this; one button changes from CD to Radio, the other changes from AM to FM.  In fact, some head units need 3 buttons because they have separate buttons for AM and FM.  Also, the OEM radio will advance CD tracks or Radio presets with a single button (CH), but all after-market head units use separate buttons for these functions.  The arrangement of remote control commands on after-market head units means we need 4 or 5 buttons to do what the OEM system did with only 2.  Fortunately, the marvels of modern science allow us to do all the OEM commands and more, while using the same set of dash controls.  We just do it differently.  Download the DCI manual from the installation page for details of all the available commands.
bulletQ - What after-market head units are supported by the DCI?
A - Alpine, Blaupunkt, Clarion, Eclipse, JVC, Kenwood, Nakamichi, Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony
bulletQ - What if I want a DCI for a different head unit?
A - All it takes is money.  Contact us for more information.

bulletQ - What iPod commands are supported by the DCI?
A - That's really a function of your head unit, not the DCI.  In most cases the DCI performs navigation commands for Next/Previous Track and Next/Previous Disk/Folder.  If, when using the head unit's hand-held remote, those buttons operate the iPod then the DCI will too.  But be careful, sometimes head unit manufacturers don't put all the iPod commands on their remote, which forces you to use the controls on the head unit to perform iPod commands, whether you're using a DCI or not.
bulletQ - How do I know which DCI to buy?
A - There are basically 2 choices - the IR DCI or one of the Wired DCIs. 

The IR DCI uses infra-red signals to control your after-market head unit similar to the way the factory hand-held remote operates.  As such, an IR Emitter (LED) is used to transmit the infra-red commands to the head unit.  This emitter is supplied with the DCI and must be positioned so it faces the head unit's IR receiver (usually on the front of the HU). 
Pros - IR DCIs can be used with any of the supported head units, so if you change to any of the 10 different brands at a later date you can still use your existing IR DCI. 
Cons - Head units that have tilting faces can make it more difficult to find a position for the IR emitter that works and doesn't "stick out" too far.  Also, it's possible for bright sunlight to interfere with IR signals, particularly with tilting faces where the sun can shine directly on the IR receiver when the car's top is down.  IR reception and DCI functionality returns when the bright sun is not directly on the HU face. 

Wired DCIs don't use infra-red commands to control the head unit; they send commands through a special "remote control" wire or a dedicated jack on the rear of the head unit.  Only specific models of some brands of head units have the ability to be controlled via a wired connection. 
Pros - The advantage of a wired system is that you don't have to install an IR emitter and they are not affected by bright sunlight.  Overall, a wired DCI makes for an easier and "cleaner" installation. 
Cons - Wired DCIs are not as "universal" as the IR DCI, meaning they only work on a few brands of head units.  We make 2 wired DCIs, one supports Alpine, Kenwood, Clarion, and JVC, and the other supports Sony and Pioneer.  The IR DCI supports all those plus 4 more brands.  For example, if you currently have an Alpine head unit and buy an Alpine Wired DCI it will work great, but if you later change to a Sony head unit (or any brand other than Kenwood, Clarion, or JVC) your DCI won't work at all and you'll have to buy a new DCI.  Same for Sony and Pioneer, the Wired DCI for those brands works only on Sony and Pioneer.
bulletQ - Will the DCI work on other vehicles besides the S2000?
A - No. At this time the DCI is a custom S2000-only product.
bulletQ - What is the optional "Modifry's Adapter Harness" and do I need it?
A - It allows you to install an after-market HU without cutting the factory wiring, so it's up to you if you want to use one.  Most owners prefer it for several reasons:
1) you avoid any warranty issues that might arise due to cut wires
2) you can do the splicing outside the car (on a workbench) and then just plug the connectors together when you install the new HU
3) it makes it easy to re-install the factory radio if you sell the car or just want it back to stock
bulletQ - Do I need to use Modifry's Adapter Harness or can I use another brand?
A - You can use adapter harnesses made by other manufacturers, but chances are they won't have wires for the Dash Switch and Dash Mute Circuits.  The Modifry adapter is specially made with these additional wires.  If you use another adapter you can still install the DCI, you'll just have to splice into the factory wiring for these two connections (as shown in the installation instructions).  Most stereo stores charge $10 to $15 for the adapter, mine's $12.
bulletQ - Do I need a factory remote to use the DCI?
A - Maybe. While you don't need the factory remote itself, you do need a head unit that is capable of remote control. Most remote-capable head units come with a remote, but some manufacturers sell the remote separately, so in that case you can save the cost of the remote by using the DCI.  Or if you've lost the remote or are buying a used head unit that is missing the original remote you're in good shape - the DCI will work fine.
bulletQ - I don't like the IR emitter provided with the DCI. Are there any options?
A - In the near future I do intend to sell alternate IR emitters, but for now I only have the one. However, it is possible to use almost any IR LED with the DCI. If you are handy with soldering you can cut the IR emitter wire and attach your own IR LED, perhaps using a flush-mount LED holder. You can buy IR LED's at most electronic stores including Radio Shack. Make sure you observe polarity when connecting the LED. When viewing the DCI emitter face (side not painted) and with the wire hanging down, the right lead is the anode of the LED. Connect that wire to the anode (+) of your IR emitter LED. Do not add a resistor in series with the LED, it's built into the DCI.
bulletQ - Can I program the dash buttons for other functions?
No. You are stuck with the button layout built into the DCI, partly because of the way the head unit works and partly because I had to standardize on some things. If you really need special button programming, I do offer custom programming.
bulletQ - What is the warranty on the DCI?
A - There is a 2-part warranty for DCIs. First, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. If the unit is returned in working, re-salable condition within 30 days of the date of purchase you will be entitled to a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping costs). After 30 days and up to 1 year from the date of purchase, the DCI is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship and will be repaired or replaced (my option) if returned to the manufacturer (me). The buyer must bear the cost of returning the DCI for repair, I will pay for the repair and for return shipping. DCI's being returned for refund or repair must have prior approval.  Products returned without authorization will likely sit in a corner until you contact me. After 1 year from the date of purchase, DCI's will be repaired (if possible), for a nominal charge. Please contact me before returning a DCI for repair.


Note: This product is custom-designed specifically for the S2000. Because of my desire to provide the best products to my fellow S2000 owners, new head unit compatibility and other features may be added from time to time, and these features may not be upgradeable to older versions. The earlier versions will still be supported, but may no longer be manufactured.