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Only works on clusters from years 2000-2005

Any application other than a stock S2000 may require some electrical knowledge and the ability to measure actual engine temperature to get this product working correctly.  Just like an after-market ECM requires "tuning", this module will need to be re-programmed to work with vehicles other than the S2000 or in some cases, to work with S2000's with significant wiring modifications.  Please do some preliminary testing as described here to be sure your vehicle is suitable for use with this product. 

If you are not capable of using a meter to verify the correct ECT sensor voltages are present, or don't have the ability to measure the actual coolant temperature DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT FOR APPLICATIONS OTHER THAN A STOCK S2000. We have several other products that may work better for you (see ECT-2 and ECT-A).

ECT Modules for AP1 Clusters ECT Modules for AP2 Clusters
ECT for Stock ECU, Qty:   $70.00  
ECT for Stock ECU, Qty:   $70.00  
ECT for AEM EMS, Qty:   $70.00  
ECT for AEM EMS, Qty:   $70.00  
Spare ECT Programming cable $10.00 - for those that lost theirs
The modules themselves are the same for AEM and stock applications, but NOT for AP1 versus AP2.  The end-user can convert a stock AP1 ECT for use on an AP1 AEM EMS, but you can't convert an AP1 to an AP2.


What you get for your money: 
bulletThe ECT Display Driver module with wiring harness
bulletSeparate programming cable for use with a standard DB9 PC serial port
bulletT-taps and connectors for typical installations

Make sure you download the appropriate file for your applications: AP1 Files  AP2 Files

Each zip file contains:

bulletComplete installation, operation, and programming instructions in pdf format
bulletPre-configured HyperTerminal session file for use with Windows (most users will be able to copy this file to their computer, 'double click it', and be ready to connect to the module and download)
bulletSample programming text files, one for AEM EMS applications and one for use with the stock ECM.  Files are easily edited to customize the range of the temperature display.


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