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The ECT Module does NOT work on 2006 and newer clusters that have an outside temp display, see example here

The AP2 version works pretty much like the AP1 except it's designed to drive the improved gauge in the newer cars (2004 and up).  The original gauges (2000 to 2003) have only 6 active segments; the new ones have 19 active segments.  This provides better resolution and more information about your engine coolant temperature.

Here's a comparison between the stock gauge display and the standard Modifry ECT display.  The numbers indicate the temperature at which each segment lights up. As you can see, the stock gauge lights the 8th segment for any temperature between 178 and 225, which is a pretty wide range.  It also provides readings out to 273 which is far higher than you'll ever see and a waste of gauge resolution.

The Modifry version narrows the "normal" range to between 180 and 205, the temperature encountered in 95% of daily driving.  Beyond that it lights up one additional segment for each 5 above "normal".  This provides earlier warning of an overheat condition without causing undue fluctuation in the gauge.  Plus, now you'll know what the actual temperature is, not just "I think it's hot".  You can see some more gauge displays here comparing the stock and Modifry displays.


Features of the AP2 version:

bulletTemperatures between 110 and 160 will light segments 1 to 4 individually so you know the car is warming up.
bulletThe "OK to VTEC" temperature of 160 will be displayed as 5 segments - exactly 1/4 of the gauge will be lit (45 angle, easy to read).
bulletTemps above 160 and up to 180 will progressively light segments 6-9.
bullet"Normal" temperatures of 180 to 205 will be displayed as 10 segments - exactly 1/2 of the gauge will be lit (90 angle). This is like the "straight up" displays used in some aircraft. The "normal" display on the stock gauge is a much wider temperature range and lights 8 segments. That's a little less than half-way and it's hard to tell if 8 segments are lit or if maybe it's 9. Straight up is easy to see - no guesswork. I used the 180-205 range so that normal temperature variations won't cause the gauge display to change - it always reads straight up.
bulletTemperatures above normal will light additional gauge segments in approximately 5 increments. This gives a range up to 255, which is higher than your car should ever see and gives you plenty of warning of an overheat condition. In really hot weather or on the track you will probably see an additional segment or two light up, but that's about it.  Higher readings indicate a cooling problem.
bulletYou can customize the display range by loading a text file to the module using a PC and a serial communications program like HyperTerminal.  This allows you to adjust the temperature values for each gauge segment to whatever values you want.  Download a zip file (700kb) containing the Installation Manual, sample text files, and HyperTerminal session files for AP2 applications.



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