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Two Versions of the ECT-2 Module

ECT-2 Designed to be a better choice for Civics

Improved version of the original - costs less, easier to install and has better test features. Initial programming is an average of the Civic customers I've worked with over the last 2 years so chances are it will work for most Civics.  To be sure measure your sensor voltage like this.



ECT-2S Works with almost any vehicle

Includes the same module as the ECT-2 but it's programmed to work with a dedicated sensor (included).  This gives you accurate temperature gauge readings on any 12-volt vehicle but requires a radiator hose adapter that you buy separately. Details below.


ECT-2 for AP1 $60    
ECT-2 for AP2 $60    
ECT-2S for AP1 $72    
ECT-2S for AP2 $72    

What is new and improved in the ECT-2? These features apply to both the ECT-2 and ECT-2S modules.
bulletCosts less than original ECT module
bulletOperates from 12V DC (compared to 5 volts for original module).  Easier to find 12 volts!
bulletOnly 4 wires - Ground, +12v, temp sensor input, and output signal to S2000 cluster
bulletScrew Terminals instead of proprietary connector makes wiring easier
bulletImproved test mode - lights the cluster temperature display "half-way" to test the ECT module, your cluster, and the wiring between the two.
bulletLED indicator is significantly brighter and easier to see - flashes when unit is operating normally, flash rate is proportional to temperature (faster flashing = higher temp and higher gauge reading)
bulletCan be re-programmed using a WinXP computer and serial port (programming cable NOT included)

So what's the catch?  What does the original module have that this one doesn't?
bulletThis module has no "alarm output" - most people didn't use it anyway
bulletProgramming cable is now optional - I figured why make everybody pay for something that few people use.  If you need custom programming see here for free help.  You can also buy our programming cable or make your own programming cable


ECT module (only) for use with your vehicle's existing temperature sensor

Advantages - No extra sensor to mount and wire.  Initial programming is a better match for most Honda Civics.

Disadvantages - Temperature sensors vary so much the module should be custom-programmed for best accuracy.  Will not work with 12-volt sensors and may not work with some 1-wire sensors.  Readings can be affected by ground loops*.

ECT module AND temperature sensor for use with a radiator hose adapter that you buy elsewhere

Advantages - Using a dedicated sensor eliminates custom programming and guarantees accurate temperature readings that are not affected by ground loops*.  See example gauge displays here.

Disadvantages - Separate sensor must be installed and wired.  Also, the temperature gauge will not display true engine water temperature until the thermostat opens**.


Wiring example when using vehicle's existing temperature sensor. 


Wiring example when using the supplied temperature sensor and radiator hose adapter that you buy

If your car uses a 1-wire temperature sensor see here


Why don't we supply the hose adapter?
1. Too many sizes and colors for me to stock
2. You can buy it cheaper on ebay! 

Do a search on ebay for "radiator hose adapter" and find one  that fits your radiator hose size and be sure it is tapped for a 1/8" NPT sensor (most are, this seems to be the standard).  I've seen prices below $12 including shipping.

* Ground loops can occur when you:
1. Relocate major electrical components such as the ECU or battery
2. Add electrical components that draw a lot of current, such as electric fans when not originally equipped
3. Remove or relocate ground straps or ground points for major components

** Because the temperature sensor is installed in the radiator return line it will not see hot water until the engine thermostat starts to open and water begins to flow through the system.  So until that point the temperature gauge will be measuring the temperature of the stationary water in the upper radiator hose.  Once the engine is warm enough for the thermostat to open the sensor will provide accurate temperature readings, which for most cars is within a couple minutes of start-up. 


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