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Adjustable ECT Module

The easiest to use ECT module ever!  Works on both AP1 and AP2 gauges from years 2000 to 2005. 

A 4 to 1 adjustment range allows it to work on a wide variety of vehicles.  When your engine is at normal temperature use a screwdriver to adjust the ECT module so the gauge indicates normal. No Programming needed! 

If your car's ECT sensor voltage is between 0.3 and 1.2 volts when the engine is at normal operating temperature then you can use this module.  See here to measure your sensor voltage.

Installation Instructions


Qty:   $70   

Typical Wiring Diagram
Operates from 12V DC (compared to 5 volts for original module).  Easier to find 12 volts!

Only 4 wires - Ground, +12v, temp sensor input, and output signal to S2000 cluster

Screw Terminals instead of proprietary connector, makes wiring easier

Improved test mode - lights the cluster temperature display "half-way" to test the ECT module, your cluster, and the wiring between the two.

LED indicator is significantly brighter and easier to see - flashes when unit is operating normally, flash rate is proportional to temperature (faster flashing = higher temp and higher gauge reading)





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