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What this product does:

This module has been specifically designed for the S2000 and allows you to compensate for an erroneously high speedometer/odometer reading.  There are several reasons you would want to do this:

bulletCompensate for installing high-performance (numerically higher) differentials
bulletCorrect erroneously high factory speedometer (many S2000 owners report speedometer errors between 2% and 6% higher than actual)

Note - This device cannot be used to compensate for erroneously low speedometer readings.  It ONLY adjusts the speedometer to read lower than it does now.  If your speedometer currently reads too low, this product will not adjust it higher.  If your speedometer reads too high, this is the cheapest and easiest solution I know of.

Feature Description:

bulletTiny size - less than 1" x 2" x 1/2"  (smallest product on the market that I know of)
bulletEasy installation, comes with step-by-step instructions and color photos
bulletRemovable 4-wire harness, connects to ground and 2 wires in the driver's foot well
bulletDiagnostic LED provides verification of power, correct wiring, dial settings & speedometer signal.  Diagnostic mode does not require special switch settings to activate, it works on every power up cycle.  In case of a wiring error, it will indicate which wire is open or incorrectly connected.
bulletAdjustable in half-percent increments from 0 to 25% compensation.  This allows calibration of the speedometer/odometer to within 1/4 of one percent.  (1/4 mph per 100mph)
bulletSimple rotary dials make adjustment easy (unlike products with confusing dip switches). All you need to remember is "The dial setting is twice the correction percentage".
bulletLow power consumption ~ 10ma (less than half of other products)
bulletAbsolutely no added speedometer lag
bulletOperates at all speeds (unlike some products that don't work at low speeds)
bulletReal time calibration (unlike other devices that require a power cycle).   If you're using a GPS for calibration, just drive and adjust the dials till the speedometer matches the GPS, no need to pull over and shut the car off between each adjustment like other products require.
bulletWiring is easily returned to stock configuration - just remove the Yellow Jacket module and plug two connectors together.

Installation Overview: (see specific installation instructions for 2000-2005 and 2006-2007)

bulletRemove interior trim panels (door sill and driver's foot well panel)
bulletConnect ground wire to an existing bolt (hood latch)
bulletLocate wires on the ECM and other wires harnesses behind the panel
bulletMake wire connections using either:
bulletyour own connectors or soldering
bulletoptional connector kit using crimp connectors or easy screw-terminal block

What you get in the package:

This is what comes in the basic kit.

You get the Speedometer Calibration module and
a 4-wire harness (3 feet long).  Also included
is a mini-screwdriver for setting the switches.
  Here's the optional terminal Kit.
It has all the crimp connectors needed to
install the module.  If you don't have crimp tools
use the included terminal block - all you'll need are
wire strippers, pliers, and a pocket screwdriver.