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S2000 Windscreen Camera Mount
a Modifry-Designed Original Product

Double Mount
Low Profile Mount

Suitable for use with most digital cameras and small camcorders.  Some users have had issues with vibration and wind buffeting when using large (over 3 LBS) camcorders.

S2000 Windscreen Mount
Complete kit only $40.00

Buy a second quick-clip
to mount another device
to the base when not
using your camera

      Quick-clip top $3


This mount installs easily between the factory wind screen and the top of the glove box.  You can quickly snap the camera pedestal on and off the base plate any time you want without removing the wind screen or base.  You can even leave the camera attached to the pedestal so the next time you install it it's already aimed!  Perfect for securing your camera in the trunk between runs or track sessions without spending time re-adjusting it.

Base plate is made of steel with an attractive black textured powder-coat finish.  Swivel head uses the standard 1/4-20 threads used by nearly all cameras and camcorders (same as tripod mount).  Installation Instructions