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S2000 Low Profile Windscreen Camera Mount
a Modifry-Designed Original Product

Same design as my original Windscreen Camera mount but with a smaller low-height clip-on camera head.  This camera head does NOT have a thumb screw to lock the tilt angle - it relies on a friction-ball to provide 30 of tilt in all directions.  While this friction-style head is very tight with no 'slop' I suggest you only use smaller cameras with this mount.  As a matter of fact it is so tight you should use caution when adjusting the tilt angle if your camera has plastic screw threads.  Don't press on the camera body to aim it, only push against the friction ball to avoid damaging the camera's plastic threads.  If necessary you can adjust the tension on the friction ball for use with pocket cameras that typically have plastic mounting threads.  Scroll down to see more photos.

S2000 Windscreen
Low-Profile Mount
Complete $40.00

Kit contents shown below



Want to buy just the Low-Profile head to use with your existing Windscreen Mount?

Low-Profile Camera Head on Quick-clip $16 Qty:  

Have a Low-Profile mount and want the regular head w/clip?
Regular Camera head on Wuick-Clip $16