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In an effort to minimize the cost of shipping, all Modifry Products are shipped via the U.S. Postal Service using one of the below methods.  We add minimal handling charges to cover the cost of packing materials.  If you require a different shipping method please Contact Us for more information.  For more details on any of these shipping methods, check out the USPS web site.

We ship to the shipping address you type into the Shopping Cart, not the billing address or any address associated with PayPal.  Our order fulfillment process uses the Shopping Cart receipt because the PayPal or credit card transaction does not contain the order details.  Plus, many customers want their purchase shipped to their work address or an address different than the one linked to PayPal.  If you want it shipped to the PayPal address just put that address in the Shopping Cart.

When will my order ship? - Most orders ship the day after you place the order.  We are a part-time business and normally do our order packing in the evening, and if time allows, we check for new orders around 6AM the following morning.  If we're running late we may not do the morning check so if you place an order after 7 or 8 PM it sometimes will not get shipped till the second day.  We try very hard to ship Express orders ASAP.  If there is an issue that prevents us from shipping your order we will contact you via email so be sure to allow mail from through your spam filter.

First Class Mail:

Suggested shipping for Glove Box Organizers and Convertible Top Fixes. 
Least expensive method, normally 3-5 day delivery anywhere in the continental U.S.
Insurance is NOT provided.  Lost or damaged packages will not be replaced.

Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation:

Recommended shipping for all electronic items (DCI, Redline, Yellow Jacket, ECT)
Inexpensive, normally 2-4 day delivery anywhere in the continental U.S.
Delivery Confirmation - the letter carrier logs the date & time the
package is delivered to the addressee's mailbox (this is NOT a tracking number).  Because of this, missing packages will NOT be covered by the Post Office.
Insurance is NOT provided.  Lost or damaged packages will not be replaced.

Express Mail:

Optional shipping method for any item
Most expensive, normally next day delivery to most continental U.S. addresses, but some rural areas may be 2-day service.
Tracking numbers are provided and the Post Office will track the package to the addressee's destination.
Insurance is provided.  Lost or damaged packages will be covered by the Post Office.
Note - Unless you request different (via a separate email) Express packages are shipped "signature NOT required".  The majority of our customers choose Express for speed and don't want the package delayed if someone is not there to sign for it. 

International Shipping Options:

First Class Mail (Air Mail) is the least expensive shipping option but does NOT have tracking or insurance.  Typical delivery times are 6 to 15 days but varies by destination and could take up to 30 days in some cases.
Priority Mail is available for most countries and is usually faster (5-10 days) but does NOT have tracking or insurance.  We have very good results with Priority Mail but without insurance lost or damaged packages cannot be replaced.  Recent rate increases by the U.S. Postal Service have made Priority shipping more expensive and in many cases Express Mail is only a few dollars more.
Express Mail is suggested for costly items or if you want insurance or tracking.  Express Mail is more expensive but faster than Priority Mail (3-7 days typical).  In addition the Express Mail fee includes insurance and tracking numbers.