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Modifry Products accepts returns for refund, repair, or replacement, but ONLY when prior authorization is given.  Do NOT return items without contacting us first and be sure to package the items appropriately to ensure they reach us undamaged.  Remember, it's your responsibility to make sure the package is delivered and that it arrives and in good condition.  For small items we usually recommend a bubble envelope and First Class mail - it's inexpensive and we have never had a case of damage.  Larger items may need a box and if it's over 13 ounces you'll have to use Priority Mail.  Both First Class and Priority can be purchased with Delivery Confirmation (cheap) which will provide verification that the package reached the destination.   Shipping address:

Modifry Products
9789 Charlotte Hwy
Suite 400-216
Fort Mill, SC 29707

This is a business address.

Here are some examples of poor shipping practices:  
Do NOT use ordinary letter envelopes to ship electronics!  Letters are expected to be flat and are processed at the Post Office via automated machinery.  Plain envelopes with bulky items inside do not fare well when passed through the machinery at 200 feet per second. 
This envelope tore open in two places and there's no telling
where the DCI is now but it certainly never made it back to Modifry Products World Headquarters.  We got the wire
 harness though!
  Here's another one, poor guy used a plain envelope to return an item for repair.  I certainly don't have to worry about repairing this one!
This one cost the customer about 80 to ship, but in the end he lost $100 worth of merchandise.  Are you getting the idea that #10 envelopes aren't such a good thing?