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This product allows the Side Turn Signals to be used as Side Markers (lit with headlights) but
still retain the functionality of the turn signal indicator. 

Also works the opposite way - will allow existing side markers to operate as turn signals
 and still retain the side marker functionality.  Maximum Lamp Power - 12 Watts (1 Amp)

   see demo movie (1MB mp4)    
Side Turn Signals operate normally (as turn signals) during the day
Side Turn Signals light steady (like a side marker light) when the parking/headlights are on
Side Turn Signals will blink when turn signals are used, even when headlights are on
Simple wiring, tiny electronic module installs under the fender, no special tools needed

Side Marker Modules ($35)

One pair of modules, one for each side marker. 

  Qty: $35.00

Installation Overview (full-color printed instructions included with product)

1. Jack up front of car and remove front wheel
2. Loosen the fender liner to gain access to the wiring (five 10mm bolts and 12 plastic clips)
3. Splice the Side Marker Module in-line between the harness and side marker light socket
4. Connect the Side Marker Module orange wire to the front parking light (T-tap)