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Perfect for autocrossers or track junkies that don't want the hassle of installing competition belts in the car. Easier to use than any other product on the market, Modifry's Seat Belt Lock (SBL) allows you to lock both the lap and shoulder belts with the flip of a switch.  Want to "be one with the car"? Just flip the switch, push yourself back in the seat, and feed the belt slack into the seat belt reel. The more slack you feed in the tighter the belt gets. Once you're in, you're in. No more sloshing around in the seat!

Because it locks both the lap and shoulder straps this product is much more effective than mechanical belt locks that only tighten the lap belt. And you can leave it in the car all the time and turn it on at a moment's notice!


bulletLock the driver's seat belt AND shoulder harness with the flip of a switch.
bulletAbsolutely NO modification to the factory seat belt mechanism or restraint system is involved.
bulletInstallation consists of placing the Modifry SBL assembly over the factory seat belt bracket, installing an on/off switch, and running 12v accessory power through the switch to the SBL assembly.
bulletNeed warranty work done on your seatbelt? The SBL assembly can be removed in a matter of minutes with no tools and leaves no trace it was there. Re-installation is just as quick.

Note - Fits left-hand drive Honda S2000 only
Right-Hand Drive version available - see here

Seat Belt Lock Assembly by itself ($60)

This assembly magnetically attaches to the factory seat belt bracket and when 12 volts DC is applied it will cause the seat belt's inertial lock to activate.  This mod does NOT alter the factory seat belt or air bag system in any way and is easily removed at any time. 

This is the SBL assembly only, you must supply your own wiring and switch. 

  Qty: $60.00 includes full-color installation manual

Seat Belt Lock with rocker switch and all wiring ($70)
Complete kit will all parts needed, see photos of install below. 

Requires a Dremmel tool or a drill and razor knife to install the switch in the center console.  I provide a template for the switch cutout and full instructions.  The wiring is easy using the included pre-wired harness/connector kit and only requires 2 T-taps behind the passenger seat access panel.  Estimated install time 30-40 minutes.

  Qty: $70.00 includes full-color installation manual

Seat Belt Lock with Keychain Remote Control ($90)
Complete kit will all required parts

The easiest (and coolest) option because there is no switch to install and no panel cutting.  Just remove the access panel behind the passenger seat (2 screws) and install 2 T-taps to connect the completely pre-wired remote control system. 

You activate the Seat Belt Lock with a nice keychain-style remote transmitter.  Estimated install time is about 15 minutes and most of that will be emptying your trunk and removing the access panel behind the passenger seat.

  Qty: $90.00 includes full-color installation manual



Here are some photos of the switch install and where to connect for power.
These are all looking at the center console from behind the passenger seat.



Buy RHD versions here

Note - Instructions are included but are written for LHD cars.  I believe the differences are minor, as we've had 5 or 6 successful installations on RHD cars.