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This page describes the various versions of the Redline Shift Beeper. 
A gray background indicates a feature change from the previous version

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RLB-3 RLB-2  2.1 RLB-2  1.8 RLB-2  1.6 RLB-1    
Release Date 4/15/13 9/20/07 8/14/07 7/30/07 10/01/02    
Product Manual 3.0 2.1 1.8 1.6 Original    
Includes Module, Beeper & 3' wiring harness
(screw terminals)
Different kit    
RPM Range 3,000-12,900 3,000-12,900 5,000-14,900 5,000-14,900 3,000-9,300    
Cylinder Selections 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10 4,5,6,8 4,6,8,10 4,6,8,10 4    
Pacing Beeps (3)    
Selectable Pacing Beeps    
Selectable Beep Interval    
High RPM Memory    
Playback Delay (seconds) 10 10 5 5    
High RPM Playback via
factory control
Adaptive Input    
Optional Instant Playback    
Test Mode    


Feature Description         

bullet Shift Pacing Beeps - Instead of just a simple light or beeper that catches you off-guard, this module provides 3 evenly-spaced "pacing" beeps to provide advance warning that the shift point is approaching, then a steady beep when the shift point is reached.  You simply count the beeps - "1, 2, 3, SHIFT" and you'll hit your intended shift point every time.  The Shift Point is programmable in 100 rpm increments from 5,000 to 14,900 rpm using easy-to-set rotary switches.
bulletSelectable Pacing Beeps - The RLB-3 adds the ability to select 1, 2, or 3 pacing beeps or turn them off completely.  Earlier versions had 3 beeps all the time.
bullet Pacing Beep Interval - programmable to provide spacing of 100, 200, or 300 rpm between beeps.  The pacing beeps will always be at evenly spaced intervals subtracted from the Shift RPM setting. 
bullet High RPM Memory - the module "remembers" the peak rpm reached by the engine, and with the press of a button, will "play it back" by beeping the sounder.   You can reset the memory anytime you want, and play it back anytime you want.  This feature is perfect to use before bringing the car in for service, valet parking, or any other instance where someone else will be driving your car and you want to know how your car has been treated.

Redline Shift Beepers with version numbers 1.8 and 2.1 have these features.  The version is marked on the sticker on the top of the module.  Generally, Redline Shift Indicators purchased on 8-13-07 up to 4/10/13 will have these features.  If your Redline module does not have a sticker then it's prior to version 1.8 and these features are not in your product.

bulletNew Feature - Test Mode - This special mode is very useful when troubleshooting or to verify you have a good tachometer signal.  When in Test Mode the beeper will beep once a second at a typical idle RPM (800 RPM).  As the engine RPM is increased the beeping speeds up in direct proportion to the RPM - at 1600 RPM it will beep exactly twice a second.  It's easy to rev the engine and hear the increase in beep rate, verifying you didn't accidentally tap into some other pulsing signal that is not related to engine RPM.  If you don't get the beeping you should check your wiring and make sure the module has power and a good tach signal.
bulletNew Feature - Adaptive Input - Previous versions of the Redline Shift Beeper provided an input (green wire) designed to be connected to the Honda S2000 Cruise Control Resume switch for the purpose of playing back the High RPM.  Because the S2000 used a +12v signal on the Cruise buttons the original circuit was designed to only accept a +12v input.  By using the "Adaptive Input" design this new version will accept either a +12v or a ground signal to initiate playback.  When the car is started the module takes the first 5 seconds to sense the voltage on the green wire; if it's a ground then it configures itself to look for a +12v signal for the High RPM feature.  If, on start-up, it sees a +12v signal on the green wire the module re-programs itself to playback the High RPM when it sees a ground.  This allows owners of almost any vehicle to connect the High RPM playback wire to a factory control and save the trouble of installing an extra after-market switch.  You can use almost any factory switch as long as it's "momentary" and is something that you wouldn't normally press and hold for over 10 seconds.  Good options are Cruise switches or high beam "flash to pass" controls.
bulletNew Feature - Instant Playback - This new version has an option to eliminate the 10 second delay for those applications where a factory control is not used for High RPM Playback and the customer installs a dedicated momentary switch instead.  By connecting the Redline module blue wire to ground the delay is removed and High RPM playback will commence as soon as the button is pressed.
bulletImproved Feature -  High RPM Reset - The previous version of the Redline Shift Beeper would allow you to reset the High RPM by pressing the playback button while the playback was in progress.  This required the user press the button for 10 seconds, listen to the playback, press the button for another 10 seconds, and then hit the button again to erase the High RPM.  It worked but was a little inconvenient.  The new version allows you to listen to the High RPM, then gives you an additional 5 seconds to press the button to reset it.  You no longer have to play it a second time to do the reset function.
bulletImproved Feature -  S2000 Roof Switch for High RPM Playback - The previous version of the Redline Shift Beeper was designed to be connected to the Honda S2000 Cruise Control Resume switch for the purpose of playing back the High RPM.  This worked great, but since the usual installation placed the Redline module behind the passenger dash it was a little extra work to run the module's green wire over to the driver's side, and unplug the Cruise wire harness to make the necessary connection.  This version of the Redline module allows the High RPM playback wire to be connected to the ROOF switch, which is very convenient since it's on the Convertible Top module where you get +12v and ground.  The "playback delay" has been extended to 10 seconds to allow you to lower or raise the top without playing the High RPM.  If you want to hear the High RPM, simply leave the parking brake down (which prevents the top from moving) and hold the ROOF switch for 10 seconds.