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Works on almost any vehicle with an electronic tach signal or coil trigger

This module makes it even easier to rev-it-to-the-red without short-shifting or getting slammed by the factory rev-limiter.  It provides 3 warning beeps prior to your shift point so you can pace your shift, regardless of which gear you are in.  No more looking at the tach and this product gives more warning than a simple shift light.  The "pacing" of the beeps allows you to count "1,2,3,shift" and hit your shift point every time.  Perfect for Autocrossers or track junkies. 

Only 3 wires needed:  +12v, ground, and a tach signal
Switch settings for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, or 10-cylinder vehicles
The "shift rpm" can be set in 100 rpm increments from 3000 to 12,900 rpm
The spacing between "warning beeps" can be set for 100, 200, or 300 rpm increments
The number of "warning beeps" can be changed from the standard 3 to only 1 or 2 beeps or turned off completely
The module can drive almost any shift indicator, as long as it operates from 12 volts DC and uses 1 Amp or less

See it in action -
(same video, different formats) Quicktime (400k)    MPEG4 (900k)    Windows Media AVI (3MB)
In this video I have the Shift Beeper programmed for a shift rpm of 8900, and 3 warning beeps with 200 rpm spacing.  Those settings generate short beeps at 8300, 8500, and 8700 rpm, then a steady beep at 8900.  Because the rev limiter kicks in at 9000 I have to time the shifts to occur immediately after the 4th beep.  In the video you'll hear 4 beeps when I shift from second to third, which means I waited till at least 8900 rpm to shift - that's about as close to 9000 as you can get.  The next gear change only has 3 beeps, so that means I shifted a little early (between 8700 and 8900).

Qty:   $80.00


PDF Installation Manual

S2000 Installation Instructions

Additional info for UK S2000 Owners


Wiring Kit for S2000
Includes pre-terminated wires and T-taps to make the installation as easy as possible. 

Qty:   $5.00