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How large a device will fit on the barcket?
What is the AMPS mounting pattern?
What if my device is not made to fit on an AMPS mounting pattern?

bulletQ - How large a device will fit on the bracket?
A - The general rule is if the distance from the left edge of your device to the right edge of the attachment point is less than 3" it will most likely fit on the 3" bracket. 

The 3" bracket can be used for most devices you will need to mount.  One of the determining factors is where the attachment point is located on your device.  For example, the Nuvi 660 is over 4" long so you might think it would not fit on the 3" bracket.  But because the attachment point is in the center of the 660 and is not very wide (a single bolt), it fits on the 3" bracket with room to spare.  The additional width hangs past the right side of the bracket, but who cares?
bulletQ - What is the "AMPS" mounting pattern?
A - It's a standard hole pattern that many after-market manufacturers use for their automotive products.  Devices from different manufacturers that use the AMPS pattern can be attached to each other without the need to drill additional holes.  The actual specifications for the distance between holes is in mm (millimeters) but it translates to center-to-center dimensions of 1 3/16" by 1 3/8".

bulletQ - What if my device is not made to fit on an AMPS mounting pattern?
A - You may have to drill holes to mount your device, or use foam mounting tape or velcro.  If you have to drill holes remember that the bracket is stainless steel and will be harder to drill than regular carbon steel.  You can drill it using standard bits but it takes a little longer and the bit will have a tendency to wander until it begins to cut.