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this mounting bracket

Modifry Dash Bracket for RHD
Custom-designed for the RHD S2000
You won't find this product anywhere else!

This bracket is exactly like the LHD version, just made backwards to match your cars.
See the LHD version for more information, installation instructions, etc.
Bracket Mounted in RHD Car  
Some buyers had trouble locating the cowl
plugs on the underside of the speedometer.
This photo shows the location of the screw
plugs after they are removed.


Buy here ($15)
bullet Perfect mounting position puts your PDA, iPod, or Phone at the same height as the factory controls - easy to see, easy to reach
bullet Standard AMPS mounting hole pattern allows a variety of devices and holders to be easily attached to the bracket to hold almost any portable electronic gadget
bullet Stainless steel construction with durable and attractive textured black finish
bullet Installs in minutes with hand tools, can easily be removed and leaves no trace
         Installation Instructions