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Windshield Camera Mount

Specifically designed to mount a camera on the inside of the windshield, this product has the camera head offset from the suction cup so you get a clear view of the road ahead.  Has enough clearance from the windshield to fit most mid-size digital cameras or small camcorders and can easily be reversed to put the camera head on the left side of the suction cup. 

Windshield Camera Mount



Installation Instructions


Will my camera fit? - See photos below showing the mount on an S2000 windshield
This mount installs quickly and easily to the inside of the windshield or any other flat, smooth surface.  Very firm wiggle-free mounting due to the shape and stiffness of the suction cup but don't overload - limit to 2 lbs please.  Camera head has the standard 1/4-20 threads used by nearly all cameras and camcorders (same as a tripod mount).