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Single Suction-Cup Camera Mount

This mount works great stuck to the inside of the windshield, side windows, or trunk.  It will easily hold most digital cameras and small movie cameras under 2 lbs.  Can be used outside the car to mount light-weight cameras to the front of windshield or low on door/fender areas to capture interesting side-views Not for use with full-size video cameras.

See some cool videos shot with this mount, courtesy of PJK3
The Dragon     Hellbender28

Qty: $25.00

If mounting to the inside of the windshield, this mount works best with cameras that can be used up-side down.  To mount a camera right-side up you will need one of the extension accessories sold below.

See bottom of page for more photos

Mini Extension $9

Large Extension $8

Installation Instructions


Always use camera mounts with safety in mind.  Keep mounts and cameras clear of air bag deployment zones.  A deploying air bag could dislodge the mount/camera and possibly cause injury or property damage.  Use of camera mounts is at the buyer's risk.