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Mounts for GOPRO® Cameras

Unlike many other adapters, all of our mounts for
GOPRO® Cameras are furnished with a new
stainless steel threaded thumb-screw so you don't have to swap your thumb-screw from mount to mount.

Windscreen Mount for GoPro® Cameras

Same base plate as our regular Windscreen Mount but with a head that holds GoPro® cameras. 
Simple install - the base plate mounts under the OEM Windscreen using the OEM mounting screws.  Camera mounting head clips on and off as needed.

See below to buy just the Clip

Qty: $35.00

Suction Cup Camera Mount
with head for GoPro® Cameras

Suction Cup mount with adjustable arm allows use on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
(does not include GoPro® housing)

Qty: $20.00

Clip (only) for GoPro® Cameras

For customers that already have one of our
Windscreen base plates installed

Qty: $10.00


Always use camera mounts with safety in mind.  Keep mounts and cameras clear of air bag deployment zones. 
A deploying air bag could dislodge the mount/camera and possibly cause injury or property damage. 
Use of camera mounts is at the buyer's risk.

Designed for use with GOPRO® products.
GOPRO® is a registered trademark of Woodman Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
Neither Modifry Products, LLC nor are sponsored, endorsed, affiliated or authorized by GoPro.