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Adhesive Universal Mount

This mount is available for those owners that do not have the factory wind screen or want to mount a camera on a hard relatively smooth interior surface.  It will easily hold most digital cameras and small movie cameras under 2 lbs. 

The base plate is bendable by hand to conform to dash curves and attaches with a special high-strength but removable 3M adhesive strip.  You then clip the removable camera pedestal onto the base and you're ready to go.  Uses the same clip-on pedestal as the S2000 Windscreen mount.

Adhesive (Dash) Camera Mount
with low-profile head
(recommended for dash)

Qty: $25.00


Adhesive (Dash) Camera Mount
with standard head
(more likely to block vision if used on dash)

Qty: $26.00


Adhesive Base & Clip Only
Can be used by itself or with the camera mounting head from one of our our Windscreen Mounts

Qty: $10.00


Always use camera mounts with safety in mind.  Keep mounts and cameras clear of air bag deployment zones. 
A deploying air bag could dislodge the mount/camera and possibly cause injury or property damage. 
Use of camera mounts is at the buyer's risk.