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Glove Box Org

Q - Is the organizer available in different colors?
A - No.  I can't find ABS plastic in anything other than black and gray, and gray doesn't look good.  Other plastics don't work as well, so I'm stuck with black.

Q - Can I get an organizer with different sized compartments?
A - Not normally.  But if you throw enough money at me, no telling what can be done.

Q - My organizer fits too loose.  What can I do?
A - Make sure the side pieces (1 & 2) are pushed all the way to the rear of the glove box. Since the opening is tapered, itís wider at the front which can make it loose if not pushed all the way back.  If itís as far back as it can go, you can try slipping a few sheets of paper between the side pieces and the glove box. The organizer sides will hide the paper, and it doesnít take much to make a difference in the fit.

Q - My organizer fits too tight.  What can I do?
A - Make sure the shelf pieces (3 & 4) are inserted INTO the grooves in the sides.  If they are in the grooves properly, try pulling the side pieces (1 & 2) slightly toward the front of the glove box, leaving a small gap at the rear. Since the glove box opening is tapered, moving the side pieces an eighth of an inch forward can make a big difference in how it fits.

Q - My organizer fits perfect.  What can I do?
A - Send additional money to me here . . .

Q - I lost/broke a piece of my organizer.  What can I do?
A - I can send you a replacement, but there's no guarantee it will fit perfectly.  Each batch of organizers is made from a single sheet of plastic because the thickness of each sheet varies.  Because of this variation, pieces cut from one sheet may not fit correctly when mated with pieces from a different sheet.  If you are tool-friendly and too cheap to buy a new organizer, I can send you a slightly oversize part and you can trim it to fit.  Use the Contact Us button for more information.