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Measure your ECT sensor voltage to determine if the Adjustable ECT Module will work

Preparation - You can use an inexpensive digital meter for this test, set to a scale for measuring about 2 volts DC.  Under the hood, locate your ECT sensor and verify you will be able to get the meter probes into the connector and make contact with the sensor terminals while the cable is plugged into the sensor.  You may need to use a paper clip or other thin probe to get a good connection to the sensor wires so get that part set up before starting the tests.  You don't need to constantly monitor the voltage, just get one good reading after the car is warmed up.

1. Fully warm up the engine.  If starting up cold you should run it until the radiator fan turns on and back off again.

2. Note the voltage at the ECT sensor.  It is OK to shut off the engine to take the measurement but be sure to turn the ignition back on and don't take too long to get your reading.  If the sensor voltage is between 0.30 volts and 1.20 volts the Adjustable ECT module will work.  An average Honda will have a voltage around 0.50 to 0.70 volts.



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