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Works on model years  2000-2003 (AP1)  & 2004-2005 (AP2)
Does NOT work on 2006 or newer clusters

This product is primarily designed for S2000 owners who are using the after-market AEM EMS computer or who simply want to improve the functionality of the stock temperature gauge. 

For S2000 owners this is the best choice of the four versions of the ECT module.  Out of the box it provides the most accurate temperature display and still gives you the ability to customize the display if you want to.  Complete with all wiring and connectors need to install it.

See the links at the top of this page for specific details about using the ECT module with AP1 and AP2 clusters.

Why would I want one?

Obviously, if you have an AEM EMS and want the stock temp gauge to work again, this mod is for you.  But owners running the factory ECM may want to use this module to get more information out of the factory temperature gauge.  The stock gauge shows the famous "3 bars" for any temperature between 160F and 235F, which is a disgustingly wide range.  That's fine for owners who only want to know if the engine is about to have a melt-down, but some owners may want earlier warning of a cooling problem.  And unless you already have a separate coolant temperature gauge this mod is a "must have" for those of us who drive our cars on the track or in competition.

Feature Summary

bulletSmall module mounts behind driver's foot well panel
bulletOnly 4 wires needed for basic operation, 2 more if you opt to use the Alarm Output
bulletComes pre-programmed to either AEM EMS or stock ECM data (specify when purchasing)
bulletCan be easily re-programmed using a WinXP PC equipped with a standard serial port
bulletProvides a separate "Alarm Output" to drive a sounder or indicator light
bulletThe Alarm Output can be programmed for any temperature between 160F and 235F
bulletLED indicator on the module flashes when unit is operating normally, flash rate is proportional to gauge indication (faster flashing = higher temp and higher gauge reading)
bulletDiagnostic Mode can provide audible and visual indication of every gauge transition, making custom set-ups easy to test and implement


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