Works on every Alpine head unit with a BLACK connector, which is just about everything in the last 10 years,
EXCEPT for odd-balls like the DVA-9965 that have speaker connections in a separate wire harness.
Check your Alpine HU or manual - if all the wires are on one black connector (like below) then it should work fine.
Works on European and other non-U.S. cars and head units, so far we have not found one case where it did not work.

The PnP harness can be used to install an Alpine head unit even if you do not purchase a DCI.  You can buy the DCI later if you decide you want the dash controls to work.

Also, the PnP harness will work with the Alpine KT-445 power amp.  Just plug everything together if you want to use the OEM circuit for power, or see here if you want to run a dedicated power wire from the battery.

Now doesn't this look easy?  Get the PnP harness for $25 and don't splice wires!

This custom-made wiring harness allows you to install your Alpine head unit and DCI (purchased separately) with a minimum of effort, in many cases completely eliminating the need to splice wires.  All you do is plug the connectors together and the wiring for power, ground, front and rear speakers, dash controls, power antenna, dimmer, and the mute/ATT function are done.  The only time you would have to do additional wiring is if you elect to use options such as a cell phone interface, external amplifiers, or the SCV feature of the DCI (which is just one wire).
Optional SCV wiring kit (+$3) is required for SCV to operate.

 SCV Wiring Kit ($3)
makes short work of  connecting to the vehicle speed signal.
No crimp tool reqd.

Your Alpine head unit wire harness connector must look like this

in order for the PnP harness to work