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Head unit compatibility - see here for an easy way to shop or check for compatible head units

Sony and Pioneer Wired DCIs are out of stock but will be back in stock on Friday May 2.
Due to popular demand we are also adding a Plug-n-Play harness for Pioneer, in addition
to the Plug-n-Play harnesses we already have for Alpine and Kenwood.

1  Buy either the IR or Wired DCI - Select your head unit manufacturer from the list.  Most customers prefer the "wired" version but your head unit must be compatible, see note at top of page for help determining compatibility. 
Buy the IR DCI here ($90)   Wired DCI for Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, Clarion ($90)
    Wired DCI for Sony & Pioneer ($90)
2  Buy an adapter harness to mate with the car's wiring harness.  If you have an Alpine or Kenwood head unit consider skipping this step and buying the Plug-n-Play harness in step 3.  For all other head units or if you don't mind splicing wires, get the Modifry Adapter Harness by clicking "Add to Cart" below. 

($12) Modifry Adapter Harness - If you buy this harness you should skip step 3

Note - If you are buying a PnP harness to work with an older DCI with an 8-pin connector, email me first
3  Buy a no-splice Plug-N-Play harness (for Alpine & Kenwood only) - Skip this if you did step 2. 
See a
 photo of how the Plug-n-Play harness works and how it works with the Alpine KT-445 Power Amp
Also, you can buy the PnP harness without buying a DCI for a splice-free install of your Alpine or Kenwood HU, you just won't have use of the dash controls.  Since the PnP harness is pre-wired for a DCI so you can add the DCI later.
If you do not want to use the auto-volume feature of the DCI, buy this harness   To use the auto-volume (SCV) feature of
the DCI, buy this harness
DCI Plug-n-Play Harness ($25)
  DCI Plug-n-Play Harness with SCV ($28)