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Why pay $40+ for dealer parts?


$20.00   Kit Qty:

The only tool you'll need is a
pair of scissors!


This product is a replacement for the factory elastic straps that seem to wear out after 2 years.  The straps are located between two of the top support bars and help the top to fold properly.  When the straps lose their "stretch" the convertible top will not lower all the way down because the support bars are not pulled into position as the top folds.  Many owners don't know they have the problem.  In fact, I've heard of Honda dealers that are unaware of the problem. Try First Class shipping if this is all you're ordering - it will save you a couple bucks.

Instructions included in package but you can download a PDF file here.

Here's an example of how far the top lowers when it doesn't fold properly.  Notice the frame sits 3 inches or more above the level of the trunk.  
On plastic window tops, this is what it should look like when it goes all the way down.  Glass window tops will have about 1" of the frame showing above the edge of the trunk.  Click the Details link to learn more.