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Cup Holder & Mounting Bracket

Oops - Mark the date, Modifry made a mistake.  This bracket only fits 2006 and newer cars.
See bottom of page for an option for earlier years.

This is the best cup holder I could find, and I tried a lot of them.  Thanks to the spring-loaded flapper it holds 12 oz cans as easily as a giant 32 oz drink.  Folding mechanism is smooth and precise, as good as the best OEM designs.

  NEW - Tunnel-mount bracket !

bulletInstalls easily with just a Philips screw driver
bulletRemoves just as easily and leaves no trace
bulletUnobtrusive when not in use (yellow arrow)
bulletCup Holder clips on and off in seconds
bulletBracket can be used with other cup holders
    Buy with tunnel-mount bracket for a complete solution.    


Only available in BLACK

When closed it's 4 3/4" deep by 4" high by 1 1/2" thick
Cup hole is about 3 3/4" diameter


Cup Holder    
(cup holder only - you mount it yourself)


Bracket with quick-clip  

Photos of cup holder mounted using this bracket  
Bracket for RHD cars  
The tunnel-mount bracket can be used to mount a cup holder you previously purchased from Modifry Products.  The bracket comes with the quick-clip and special thread-forming screws for use with plastics.  You have to drill 4 small holes in the cup holder using the clip as a drill guide, then screw the top clip to the cup holder.  Detailed instructions are included with the bracket

Easy work-around for installing the bracket in 2000-2005 cars

Cars made between 2000 and 2005 have the attachment points for the cargo net about an inch closer to the seat than newer models.  Because the transmission tunnel curves inward this creates a gap behind the bracket and the OEM mounting screw is not long enough to mount the top of the bracket.

For these early cars we supply a longer screw and a rubber spacer to fill the gap behind the top mounting hole, allowing the bracket to be securely installed. 

The only drawback to this method is the cup holder is closer to the passenger seat, as you can see by comparing these photos with the ones above.



Bracket with quick-clip  
includes spacer & longer screw for 00-05 cars

RHD Bracket with quick-clip  
includes spacer & longer screw for 00-05 cars