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SCV Wiring Kit

SCV Wiring Kit
Vehicle Usage: S2000
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This kit allows you to easily make the connection to the vehicle speed signal so you can use the "Speed-Controlled Volume" feature that is built into every DCI and it's compatible with all of our wiring harnesses.  The wire supplied in this kit is pre-terminated so it slides into the empty slot in the DCI Harness connector.  The other end has a terminal that mates with the included 3M T-tap connector to make it easy to tap into the speed signal wire.

To install this kit you will need to remove the passenger dash access panel (AP1) or the passenger dash shelf (AP2), which requires some hand tools and is described in the included full-color installation manual.  It's not a difficult job but if you're not experienced with auto interior work we suggest you preview the instructions before buying.

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