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Replacement Roll Hoop Speakers
for years 2006 to 2009 only

Audio clips for direct comparison - MP3, 128k, about 1MB each

Steely Dan     Springsteen     Bonnie Raitt     Vocal followed by Pink Noise

I recorded a few audio clips to compare the OEM speakers to the replacements.  You must play these on a full-range audio system - using laptop or computer speakers to play these clips will not let you hear the significant difference in sound quality, as laptop speakers are about as bad as the OEM drivers.  Sorry, musical selection is what happened to be in the head unit.

Each clip is about 1 minute and always starts off with the OEM speakers.  I then swap (using a mechanical switch) to the replacements and back to OEM, giving about 5 seconds between speaker swaps.  It will be very obvious when you're listening to the replacement speakers. 

Spectrum analyzer frequency sweeps comparing OEM to new Modifry speaker. 

The most significant difference is in the low and mid-range (left side) where you can see the replacement averages about 6dB more output and over 10dB at the low end (200Hz).  The new driver is also much smoother on the high end.  These sweeps were played on an Alpine 9851 head unit set up for average listening (loudness on, some bass boost) so it's not a true frequency response graph. But it is a valid comparison between the two drivers.  A Behringer flat response microphone was positioned 6" in front of and directly on-axis to each driver.  Head unit volume was set the same for both.