Tail Light Access Rivet

Tail Light Access Rivet
Tail Light Access Rivet
Vehicle Usage: S2000
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  Bag of 2.  Four of these are used in the trunk to hold the carpet panels in place on either side of the car, behind the tail lights.  This type fastener is used because they are reusable and can be removed easier than other fasteners, making it simpler to service the tail light bulbs.  List is $4.17 each but we have a bag of 2 for $3.00.  These rivets are slightly darker than the OEM fasteners but fit and hold well.  Removal is not quite as easy as OEM because if you depress the center pin too far it can expand and make them harder to remove.  Depress the center pin about 1/8" but no more and they will come out without prying.

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