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7-Piece Combo Pry and Scraper Tool Set

7-Piece Combo Pry and Scraper Tool Set
7-Piece Combo Pry and Scraper Tool Set
Vehicle Usage: Any Vehicle
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These tools are perfect for any prying or scraping job where you're concerned about damaging the base material.  The prying tools are fantastic for removing interior panels, dash trim, emblems, etc. and eliminate the gouges, dents, and nicks you get when using metal tools.  My Dad always said "Use the right tool for the job", and he knew what he was talking about.  These are the right tools for auto interior trim removal.

The scraper tools are great for removing labels or stickers, and for you hard-core mechanics they are unbeatable for scraping gaskets off of aluminum parts with no surface damage. for the most delicate jobs, including painted surfaces.  Blue tools are medium strength - good for most prying and scraping needs.  Purple tools are the strongest - for those heavy-duty jobs like scraping gaskets or prying tight-fitting parts.

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