Convertible Top Fix

Convertible Top Fix
Convertible Top Fix Convertible Top Fix
Vehicle Usage: S2000
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Save money and prevent damage to your top caused by improper folding!  When the OEM elastic straps wear out the top does not retract correctly, jamming the top material between the support bars.  This not only prevents complete lowering of the top but can cause the top to tear!

Our easy-to-install replacement straps not only fix this problem but save you $hundreds compared to having a dealer drill out the factory brackets and rivet in new straps.  All you need is a pair of scissors to cut out the old strap, follow the included photo instructions, and in minutes your top will be folding like it should.

Many owners don't know they have the problem, particulary owners who purchased their car used.  In fact, I've heard of Honda dealers that are unaware of the problem.

Convertible Top Fix

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