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Alpine PnP Harness

Alpine PnP Harness
Alpine PnP Harness Alpine PnP Harness
Vehicle Usage: S2000
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Easiest installation ever - this custom Plug-n-Play harness connects into the head unit, the car's stereo harness, and the DCI to simplify installation of an Alpine head unit and our Wired DCI. Greatly reduces installation time and there are no worries about making the right wire connections. 

  • Can be used without a DCI for a "no splice" installation of your new Alpine head unit
  • Includes an "amp turn-on" lead if you think you may add an external amplifier in the future.
  • Compatible with Alpine's KTP-445 amplifier, see the picture above for details.
  • Note - DCI (sold separately) is needed to convert S2000 dash control signals into head unit commands

If you want to make use of the SCV (Speed Controlled Volume) feature of the DCI you will need to buy the optional SCV wiring kit .(SCV Details here).  This kit consists of a pre-terminated wire that plugs into the DCI connector, and then the other end is run behind the passenger dash to T-tap the vehicle speed signal.  No special tools are needed and all parts and connectors are included.  Detailed instructions with photos are included in the SCV Wiring Kit.

Only works on DCIs with a 6-pin connector (2012 or later).

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