Modifry Adapter Harness

Modifry Adapter Harness
Modifry Adapter Harness
Vehicle Usage: S2000
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This custom-made adapter harness mates with the OEM harness so you can connect your new head unit into the car's factory wiring without damaging or altering the OEM wiring or connector.  Obviously that's a good thing if you're concerned about warranty issues, but it also makes it easier to re-install the OEM head unit if you ever need to. 

But our adapter is not like the rest, because it includes the Dash Control and Dash mute wires that are not provided in other adapters. In addition, our adapter has an extra pair of ground and power wires to make installing the DCI easier. 

An advantage to using an adapter that sometimes gets forgotten is the ability to make the wire splices from the adapter to your head unit harness outside the car  where it's easier to work, like on a table or workbench.  Then the head unit and harness just plugs into the car.  Much easier than splicing wires inside the tiny radio console.  And it makes for a fast and clean installation.

 We have these harnesses specially-made for Modifry Products by a leading manufacturer of after-market stereo components using OEM-quality connectors for a perfect fit and we include a full-color wiring diagram.

Modifry Adapter Harness

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