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ECT-2 Module with Sensor

ECT-2 Module with Sensor
ECT-2 Module with Sensor ECT-2 Module with Sensor
Vehicle Usage: Cars with S2000 cluster
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This ECT module is the most accurate module we make for non-S2000 vehicles.  This product uses the same electronics as the regular ECT-2 but has been painstakingly calibrated to work with the included temperature sensor so each temperature gauge segment corresponds to a specific temperature (see photo of gauge displays).  No guesswork with this system and no adjustments are needed to get accurate temperature readings.

  • Best available accuracy using dedicated sensor
  • Operates from 12V DC (compared to 5 volts for original module).  Easier to find 12 volts!
  • Provided sensor must be mounted in radiator hose adapter that you supply ($10-$15)
  • Screw Terminals instead of proprietary connector makes wiring easier
  • Improved test mode - lights the cluster temperature display "half-way" to test the ECT module, your cluster, and the wiring between the two.
  • LED indicator is significantly brighter and easier to see - flashes when unit is operating normally, flash rate is proportional to temperature (faster flashing = higher temp and higher gauge reading)
  • Can be re-programmed using a WinXP computer and serial port (should not be necessary since it comes with a calibrated sensor)

In order to mount the temperature sensor you will need to supply a "radiator hose adapter" and install it into your upper radiator hose.  These adapters are easily sourced on the Internet and ebay for $10-$15.  Make sure you get the right size for your radiator hose diameter and make sure it has a "1/8" NPT" threaded hole, which is the standard.  You may also be able to install the sensor at another location in your coolant system if you have the proper adapters.

ECT-2 Module with sensor

Installation Instructions  (also covers ECT-2 without sensor)

Measuring your ECT Sensor Voltage

ECT-2 with Sensor Programming zip file  This contains instructions and sample programming files

Make your own programming cable

Troubleshooting Programming Problems


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