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ECT-2 Module with Sensor

ECT-2 Module with Sensor
ECT-2 Module with Sensor ECT-2 Module with Sensor
Vehicle Usage: Cars with S2000 cluster
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This ECT module is the most accurate module we make for non-S2000 vehicles.  This product uses the same electronics as the regular ECT-2 but has been painstakingly calibrated to work with the included temperature sensor so each temperature gauge segment corresponds to a specific temperature (see photo of gauge displays).  No guesswork with this system and no adjustments are needed to get accurate temperature readings.  Choose the AP1 version if your S2000 cluster is from a model year 2000 to 2003.  Choose AP2 for cluster model years 2004 and 2005.  This product will NOT work with clusters from model years 2006 and newer.

  • Best available accuracy using dedicated sensor
  • Provided sensor must be mounted in the coolant flow, or in a radiator hose adapter that you supply ($10-$15)
  • Screw Terminals make wiring easier
  • Improved test mode - lights the cluster temperature display "half-way" to test the ECT module, your cluster, and the wiring between the two.
  • LED indicator is significantly brighter and easier to see - flashes when unit is operating normally, flash rate is proportional to temperature (faster flashing = higher temp and higher gauge reading)
  • Can be re-programmed using a WinXP computer and serial port (should not be necessary since it comes with a calibrated sensor)

In order to mount the temperature sensor you will need to supply a "radiator hose adapter" and install it into your upper radiator hose.  These adapters are easily sourced on the Internet and ebay for $10-$15.  Make sure you get the right size for your radiator hose diameter and make sure it has a 1/8" NPT threaded hole, which is the standard.  You may also be able to install the sensor at another location in your coolant system if you have the proper adapters.

ECT-2 Module with sensor

Installation Instructions  (also covers ECT-2 without sensor)

Measuring your ECT Sensor Voltage

ECT-2 with Sensor Programming zip file  This contains instructions and sample programming files

Make your own programming cable

Troubleshooting Programming Problems


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