Standard Camera Head

Standard Camera Head
Standard Camera Head Standard Camera Head
Vehicle Usage: Any Vehicle
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This is the same camera mounting head that comes with our Windscreen Camera Mount, made available by itself to use with a Windscreen Base you already have.  It can also be used with the Universal Sticky Mount base which attaches to interior dash or other panels using a strong but removeable 3M adhesive. 

It positions the bottom of your camera 3.4" above the base plate and can be rotated 360° and tilted ± 100° in any direction.  The rotating head is very robust, using a metal "clamshell" with internal grooving to clamp the ball-head tightly and prevent it from slipping. 

The large metal T-bar provides a good grip for easy tightening and loosening of both the rotating and tilting functions in a single motion.  Uses the standard tripod-style mounting screw with locking ring.

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