Low-Profile Head

Low-Profile Head
Low-Profile Head
Vehicle Usage: Any Vehicle
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This low height camera mounting head can be used with our Windscreen Base or the Sticky Mount base and puts the bottom of your camera 1.4" above the base plate. The machined steel "ball and socket" swivel is smooth and tight, with no "loose spots" that you sometimes find with out-of-round plastic swivels. 

  • Provides standard tripod-style mounting screw with locking ring
  • Allows 30° tilt in any direction
  • Tension can be adjusted by the 4 screws that hold the pressure plate against the swivel ball
  • Includes screws and quick-clip to mate with our Windscreen Base plate

Note - We don't recommend using this head with large heavy cameras like full-size DSLRs, as the camera weight combined with high g-forces encountered at track sessions can sometimes cause the camera angle to change.

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