We carry Contigo and SubZero brand drinkware because they look great, have lids that seal, and keep ice and drinks cold LONGER than the competition.  See our comparison tests against the Yeti Rambler.

Slider Lid for 20 oz Stainless Steel Cup

Clear lid with plastic "slider" that covers the sippy and vent holes to minimize spills if the cup is tipped.  This is NOT completly leak-proof - some dripping will occur but nothing like the gusher that will happen if tipped over using the standard lid.  This is an EXTRA lid, and will ..

Honda - S2000 Coffee Mug

These ceramic mugs hold 11 ounces and are laser-engraved in our shop on BOTH sides, with the S2000 logo on the front and the Honda logo on the reverse.  Beautiful high-gloss finishes and bold colors are sure to delight any S2000 enthusiast.  No photos yet but we now have Black Mugs with..

$10.00 $8.00
20 oz Stainless Steel Cup

These are nearly identical to the "name brand" vacuum-insulated stainless steel cups that sell for $30 each.  In fact, they are so similar that the lids will fit either cup; ours just don't have the fancy embossed logo.  We laser-mark the full lenght of the cup for a bold look - S2000 l..

$20.00 $15.00