250 Lumen Emergency Light

Compact and yet very bright, this high-quality and rugged penlight boasts COB LED technology (chip-on-board) which provides a very wide and even light pattern.  The high-strength rare-earth magnetic base will hold this light up-side down or perpendicular to any steel surface, illuminating yo..

200 Lumen Rechargable Zoom Flashlight

This is the big brother to our 150 Lumen flashlight but it still fits in the S2000 glove box.  This light uses a larger 26650 Lithium-ion rechargable battery for higher brightness and longer run time.  The larger diameter body and heavier weight feels good in the hand and the big convex..

$22.00 $17.50
50 Lumen USB Power Bank

Combination flashlight and USB Power Bank makes a great gfift for any S2000 enthusiast.  The all-aluminum housing contains a high-capacity 2600 maH Lithion-ion battery that is capable of charging devices at up to 1 amp of current.  The 50 lumen flashlight is activatede by an on/off butt..

$20.00 $15.00
150 Lumen Rechargable Zoom Flashlight

This small and light-weight flashlight easily fits in the S2000 glove box and I've been carrying one in my car for years.  I particularly like the zoom feature - just slide the head in and out to adjust the beam width from about 8' wide to less than 1' wide (at 10 feet).

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25 Lumen Keychain Flashlight

This easy-to carry flashlight ca be attached to your key chain so it's always with you, or with the included carabiner clip it becomes you keychain!  One-hand operation via the large push-button on the end, no twisting or turning required like you see with some keychain lights.  Availab..

$7.00 $5.00