Speaker Rings

Speaker Rings

If you have some unusual drivers and these spacer rings won't work for you, just contact us - we may be able to make a custom spacer ring for your application.

Speaker Rings for 6.5" drivers

These modifry-made speaker rings are made of the highest-quality MDF and custom-machined for a perfect fit in the S2000.  When I needed spacer rings for my new 6.5" door speakers I couldn't find any that met my high standards, so I made my own!  These speaker rings are duplicates of the..

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Speaker Screws for Plastic Spacer Rings

An extra set of 8 screws in case your drivers need more than the 4 mounting screws supplied with the plastic spacer rings.  These #8 x 3/4" long screws have Philips heads, extra deep threads, a sharp starter point and a black oxide finish.  No pilot hole needed when used with our plasti..

Plastic Speaker Rings for 6.5" drivers

This is an improved version of our standard MDF speaker rings, made from high-density urethane which has many benefits over wood-based products.  In addition to a 66% weight savings vs MDF, this material is dimensionally stable, dampens vibrations better, and is impervious to water.  An..