Fasteners & Hardware

Fasteners & Hardware

Everybody hates paying the high prices dealers charge for the special screws, fasteners, and clips that inevitably get lost or broken when working on the car.  Below you will find some alternatives that are reasonably priced and can be ordered in small quantities without paying absurd shipping costs.

NOTE - Please review my rating system for these items.  This is a "work in progress" and as I find new or better products I'll add them to this collection. 

- As close as you can get to OEM for fit, finish, and durability.  May be a different color if the fastener is hidden, but not if visible.
- Good replacement, installs easily and holds well but may not be an exact color match or may be a little finicky to use compared to OEM. 
- An under par replacement part.  It works but don't expect OEM durability.  Plastic clips are likely to break after a couple uses.

Trunk/Carpet Button - OEM

  Genuine Honda® - Bag of 5.  These are the OEM fasteners that are used to secure the interior carpet to the transmission tunnel and you'll also find one in the trunk by the gas tank where it secures 2 la..

Trunk Liner Buttons

  Bag of 6.  These work well but are a slightly darker color than the OEM fastener and have a light seam line across the top. 

Tail Light Access Rivet

  Bag of 2.  Four of these are used in the trunk to hold the carpet panels in place on either side of the car, behind the tail lights.  This type fastener is used because they are reusable and can be removed easier t..

Splash Pan Rivet

  Bag of 5.  There are 9 of these rivets to secure the plastic splash pan under the engine.  These replacement clips are decent quality, certainly better than other clips I've seen advertised on auction sites (see my..

Spare Tire Cover Pull Ring

  Genuine Honda® - This is one of the three push-in fasteners that hold the top edge of the spare tire cover.  They have a handy little "finger ring" that make them easy to remove and they last just ..

$4.55 $3.00
Interior Screw 5x16mm

  Bag of 5.  These are used in various places in the interior, such as the visible screws holding the radio console side panels on AP1 cars as well as many hidden locations to fasten interior panels behind the seats. ..

Interior Screw 4x16mm

  Bag of 5. 

Interior Screw 4x12mm

  Bag of 5. 

Fender Liner Screw

  Bag of 2.  These are used to secure the rear of the fender liner to the edge of the fender.  Special 5mm sheet-metal screw with captive washer and rust-resistant coating like the OEM fasteners.  Dealers want o..

Fender Liner Rivet #2

  Bag of 5.  Better than OEM!  These rivets are used to secure the fender liner to the fender and there are a lot of them - 17 on each fender.  I like these fasteners better than the OEM clips b..

Fender Liner Rivet #1

  Bag of 6.  These are "cheapies" of the same style as the OEM fastener and are good for a couple uses before they break.  But at least they are better than the ones I got from ebay, some of which broke on the first i..

Door Sill Snaps

  Bag of 3.  These are the little white snaps that go flying when you pop the door sill covers off.  Not OEM (or OEM price) but definitely OEM quality and are a prefect fit.  Of course we give you more for less,..

Door Panel Snaps - Gasketed

  Bag of 5.  Tighter-fitting than either our yellow or the OEM door panel snaps, these also have a foam gasket between the snap and the door for additional vibration protection.  I rated these 2 stars because of the ..

Door Panel Snaps

  Bag of 5.  OK, so they're yellow.  But they fit perfectly and cost a lot less than the OEM fasteners.  For just slightly more than the dealer charges for one snap we give you a bag of 5.

Door Latch Trim Screw - OEM

  Genuine Honda® - This is the special "shoulder screw" that is used to hold the trim piece that surrounds the interior door latch.  The shoulder prevents the plastic trim from being distorted when the sc..