RaggTopp Products

RaggTopp Products

Haartz Corporation

RaggTopp Convertible Care products are exclusively tested and endorsed by the Haartz Corporation, original equipment manufacturer of convertible topping for virtually every American and European convertible automobile.

RaggTopp Fabric Top Protectant

OEM Patented Formula Protects By Keeping Out the Elements of Nature and Man.  Renews and Extends the Life of Fabric Topping.  Can also be used on the S2000 vinyl top - leaves a finish that is slightly shiny and not as black as the Vinyl Protectant, but seems to provide incomparable wate..

RaggTopp Leather Care Kit

World's First Exclusively Developed for Convertible Automobiles Leather Cleaner & Leather Protectant with added UV Blockers because a convertible's seats spend more time in the sun than sedans. Safely cleans and protects fine convertible automotive leather and stitching ..

RaggTopp Vinyl Top Cleaner

Exclusively formulated for Fabric and Vinyl, whether it's convertible top material or interior panels.  Safely Removes the toughest soils and stains.  We have many repeat customers in the S2000 community that swear by RaggTopp products.  16-oz pump spray bottle.

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RaggTopp Vinyl Top Protectant

Strongest Professional Strength Vinyl Protectant on the Market Today.  Exclusively Formulated for Exterior/Interior Commercial Vinyl Products.  S2000 owners tell me this product makes their old top look like new, and I know they're right because I use it too!  I also like to use th..