Lighting Mods

Lighting Mods


Turn your side turn signals into night-time side marker lights while retaining the turn signal function.

Plus, the easiest cure for Hyper-Blink - Modifry's LED Relay!

Side Marker Modules

Allows the side turn signals to operate as side marker lights while retaining turn signal functionality.


  • Side Turn Signals operate normally (as turn signals) during the day
  • Side Turn Signals light steady (like a side marker light) when the p..
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LED Turn Signal Relay

Eliminates 'Hyper-Blink' when installing LED lamps in the turn signals.  Skip the hassle of installing external dummy resistors that do nothing but suck power, add complexity to your wiring, and create unnecessary heat. Plus, we include a pre-paid mailer to return your original relay to us -..