ECT Modules

ECT Modules

We have 3 versions of this product, all of which operate the temperature gauge on S2000 clusters from model year 2000 through 2005. The comparison chart below should help you decide which module to use in your application, then the individual products are listed under the chart, click the product name for more details

Vehicles other than the S2000 should look at the 2nd and 3rd models in the chart.  Bear in mind that because of the number of engine/sensor/ECU combinations, custom programming may sometimes  be required to achieve optimal operation.  Programming information is provided in the "Manuals" tab in the individual product pages.

ECT Model Primary Application Temp Sensor Power Adjustment? Advantages Disadvantages
ECT-2 for S2000 S2000 only T-taps to OEM temp sensor 12VDC May be programmed using a WinXP PC with serial port Best for S2000 cars, gauge segments correspond to specific temperatures. Can be re-programmed by user Initial programming works only on S2000 but can be changed by user to work on other cars.
ECT-2 Other Hondas Comes set for an "average" Civic  T-taps to OEM temp sensor


May be programmed using a WinXP PC with serial port Least expensive ECT module. Works "out of the box" for most Civics. User can re-program. Gauge segments do not correspond to specific temps unless programmed
ECT-2 with sensor Any vehicle Provided sensor installs in radiator hose 12VDC May be programmed using a WinXP PC with serial port Dedicated sensor makes it most accurate for non-S2000 cars. Gauge segments indicate specific temperatures. User can re-program Requires radiator hose adapter (you provide) to mount sensor.  Will not read accurate temps until thermostat opens.
Original ECT S2000
Not Available
T-taps to OEM temp sensor 5 volt sensor power only May be programmed  with serial port S2000 only No longer available
ECT-2 for Civics

The initial programming supplied with this module is an average of the Civic customers I've worked with over a 2-year period so chances are it will work as-is for most Civics. Choose the AP1 version if your S2000 cluster is from a model year 2000 to 2003.  Choose AP2 for cluster model years ..

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ECT-2 for S2000

This module is a replacement for our "original ECT module" and comes pre-programmed to work with either the stock ECM or AEM EMS.  In either case, this module provides an accurate and more meaningful temperature display where each segment of the gauge corresponds to a known coolant temperatu..

ECT-2 Module with Sensor

This ECT module is the most accurate module we make for non-S2000 vehicles.  This product uses the same electronics as the regular ECT-2 but has been painstakingly calibrated to work with the included temperature sensor so each temperature gauge segment corresponds to a specific temperature ..

Original ECT Module

This product is no longer manufactured.  Please see the "ECT-2 for S2000" product as a replacement.  We will keep these "Original" product pages available for customers that are looking for manuals or need technical information on their old products.

Designed for S2000 owners ..

Programming Cable for ECT Module

Used to program the Original ECT and ECT-2 modules using a PC Serial Port and communication software.  Programming is only needed if the standard ECT module programming is not a good match for your car or if you just want to change the way your temperature gauge is operating.  Detailed ..