Windscreen Mount Parts

Windscreen Mount Parts

If you already own a Modifry Windscreen mount but need a different mounting head or extra clip here is where you can see all that we have to offer.

Feel free to mix-n-match parts because we don't charge extra for buying individual pieces.

GoPro Tripod Adapter

This is the same adapter that is used with our GoPro Windscreen Mount, and can be used with any mount that uses a standard tripod screw base, such as our Bumper Camera Mount or Suction Cup Mounts.  As usual, you get a little something extra with Modifry's version of this product:


This plastic clip attaches to our Windscreen Base, the Sticky Mount base, or our Tunnel-Mount bracket.  Depending on which base you are buying it for, it can be used to mount another device such as a radar detector, temporary electronics for a track day, or a cup holder or phone mount of you..

Windscreen Base Plate

This base plate installs easily between the factory wind screen and the top of the glove box.  You can quickly snap the camera pedestal on and off the base plate any time you want without removing the wind screen or base.  You can even leave the camera attached to the pedestal so the ne..

Low-Profile Head

This low height camera mounting head can be used with our Windscreen Base or the Sticky Mount base and puts the bottom of your camera 1.4" above the base plate. The machined steel "ball and socket" swivel is smooth and tight, with no "loose spots" that you sometimes find with out-of-round pl..

Standard Camera Head

This is the same camera mounting head that comes with our Windscreen Camera Mount, made available by itself to use with a Windscreen Base you already have.  It can also be used with the Universal Sticky Mount base which attaches to interior dash or other panels using a strong but removeable ..

GoPro Head

This is the same mounting head from our GoPro Windscreen Mount but can be purchased here by itself if you already have a Windscreen base.  If not, check the Related Products tab if you need the complete Windscreen Mount that includes this mounting head and the base plate. 

As ..